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LinkVana - How It Works….A Member’s Overview

By admin | December 17, 2008

To those people who are reading this, you’ve probably heard something about Linkvana. The service as you may know, is what some people would call a “blog farm”. Despite the fact that many people have a bad idea about blog farms, the way in which LinkVana is structured sets it apart from other services that might have a setup of a similar nature. The LinkVana system was developed by Dave Kelly, who is a very knowledgeable person when it comes to search engine optimisation. Anybody who knows Dave, knows that he is really an expert when it comes to SEO strategy. So I want to give you the three main reasons why I really recommend LinkVana to be one of the best link building services:

1. The blogs that are used in the LinkVana blog farms are all extremely high-quality blogs, and they are completely white hat and search engine friendly, and are never linked to anything that the search engines consider to be bad or unethical, such as porn. Apart from that, they are also frequently indexed and usually have a page rank in between 2 and 5. I want to point out that although page rank is considered very important, it is not as important as how often a site is indexed and how deeply the site is indexed.

2. One of the really amazing facts about LinkVana, is that it allows you to stack up your links by inputting them into the system, and then simply forget about them. This allows you to post them in various time intervals of your choosing. You can input your links and posts into the system and then have them set to be posted at different intervals of anywhere in between one post per week to 5 per day. There is also the option to randomise the posting to give it what is known as “humanise” effect. The power of this is such that you can input your links, and then simply forget about them. When I use this system I usually input enough links to be released over a few months and then just leave it. This is really a very automated way of doing things and is great for allowing you to have time to do other things in your business.

3. One of the most amazing things about the LinkVana system, is the ability to outsource your posting and your link building. This is made possible by a simple user interface within the LinkVana system, where you simply choose the pages you want to link to and choose the keywords and the category. This does cost two dollars per post, but if you have the money it’s a very good option.

In summary, LinkVana is a powerful system for building back links to your websites, and if you can afford it it is definitely the way to go. The amount of leverage it provides in your business as far as SEO purposes go, is unbeatable. I should also mention that there is no limit to the amount of sites that you choose to input into the LinkVana system, you can get as many links back as you want as quickly as you want once you are a member.

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