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Does LinkVana Really Work?

By admin | December 17, 2008

Don’t forget to take a sneak at my LinkVana before leaving this page, because you will kick yourself if you get LinkVana without it.

While in theory Linkvana sounds wonderful but does it deliver on it’s promises?

Well I can’t tell you my Lnkvana results yet since I just signed up but what I can do is tell you the results I’ve had using a very similar service called Search Engine Trust.

Search Engine Trust is no longer accepting members and cost $295/mon (much more than Linkvana is charging).

My results using Search Engine Trust have been awesome. I have used it to take brand new sites and within a couple weeks time have them ranking in the top 20 of Google for many very competitive keywords.

The interesting part is that Linkvana has even more quality sites in it’s network than Search Engine Trust. So I’m expecting even better results using Linkvana which I’m very excited about.

You can see the LinkVana Bonus by clicking the link up above, intitled “LinkVana Killer bonus + Discount”.

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