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Alternatives To Linkvana

By admin | February 3, 2009

Although I really think Linkvana is the best link building service there is, I am getting some feedback from people who would like to join, but just don’t have the money right now despite my offer of cash back on the membership. So I have done a bit of research into what else there is on the market that offers linkbuilding, but at a cheaper price.

So far I have only found 2 other candidates that offer a decent alternative. The 2 choices are 3waylinks, and inlinks.


This is a cheaper link building service that I have been using. Its owner Jonathen Ledger is quite well known in the industry, and I find the service to be quite professionally layed out. Basically the concept of this link building service is to link sites indirectly in a 3 way triangular exchange, hence the name.


-pretty easy to set up, just insert code into your page, and your links will drip over time

-cheaper at $47 per month

-a quick easy way to start your link campaigns


-pretty irrelevant linking structure (a site about cats might will link to a site about frying pan handles, and a site about baseball cards)

-kind of gay that once you stop paying you lose all your links


This is a service that I am just getting to know now, and from what I have seen of it so far, I like the look of it. The basic concept is that there are both publishers, and advertisers, and it works a little like adsense. So there are those that are paying for links on other peoples blogs as part of the system, and then there are those that are making money off the clicks of others.

The great thing that I can see so far about this service is that there is no membership fee, you simply pay for what you want to use, when you decide you want it. Everyone appears to gain from this service. The only question I have at the moment regarding this service is whether there is enough choice of links, but I will have to some further testing of the setup to find out. So far its looking pretty decent.


- No membership fee

- Nice interface

- Caters for publishers and advertisers

- Unsure of how many different niches available

- More work and monitoring required in setting up than Linkvana

Anyway, thats all I have for now, but will report more when they come to me. I am still adement that Linkvana is the most kickass service you will find, and if you have the money to invest, its definitely first choice.

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